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Reviews From Google:


“Some people expect too much from an attorney. They go out and get themselves in trouble and then expect miracles from their attorney.

Patricia Rodriguez and her staff met and exceeded my expectations. I’m the one who screwed up and couldn’t continue making my house payment, not her or her staff. I could blame it on the economy, the implosion of the housing market and destruction of the real estate and mortgage (me) businesses. But the bottom line is, I screwed up.

Patricia came to my rescue and kept me and my family in our home for more than 5 years. She fought a brilliant battle with Wells Fargo, but was stifled by the OC Courts. Everything she did was shut down by judges not interested in ‘the people’, bit more interested in their precious retirement packages sitting in the big banks.

So, did I ever expect to save my house from my own blunder? Not really, but I’m an optimist. So I worked hard with Patricia. We fought the good fight. Patricia never gave up on me. She’s a fighter. Someone we should all want on their team. Thank you Patricia and staff for everything you did for me and my family.”
—Jeff Kirkpatrick

Reviews From Yelp:


“I would highly recommend the Rodriguez Law Group because they’re proactive, diligent, they follow-through on all aspects of your case, they  tell the truth, they answer questions rapidly and they keep the client regularly up-to-date on the developments of your case. This is not the first time that I’ve secured the services of an attorney or a law firm and I am pleased with their progress and services.”
—Saundra P., Altadena, CA


“This is a personal endorsement for the Law Offices of Patricia Rodriguez. I was at the end of my rope to save my home when I was referred to her. She and her staff have been my savior. Her explanation of how the process would be was exactly how it was. She was able to modify my loan and some financial settlement from the lender. Her professionalism assured me that I was in good hands. Thank you, Rodriguez Law Group!”
—Laarni O., Yorba Linda, CA

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