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Expungement is often equated to the sealing or destroying of legal records. Each state offers its own definition of expungement, based on different rules and laws. If you have charges filed against you that were later dismissed or beaten at trial you have a right to be free from the lifetime disability of a legal record.

Eligibility for an expungement of arrest, investigation, or detention record will be based on state law. Often a number of conditions must be met before the request will be considered, including:

  • A minimum length of time has passed since arrest
  • There have been no intervening arrests
  • The proceedings were dismissed
  • Acquittal
  • Discharge without conviction and no charges were refiled
  • Release without formal charges being filed
  • Any juvenile records have been expunged

We will work with you to remove criminal records by either expungement, seal or pardon.  Call for help on your case today!









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