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As you know, the United States constitution guarantees everybody a fair trial, and assumes all accused persons innocent until proven guilty. If you are facing criminal charges, you need a criminal defense lawyer. At Rodriguez Law Group, Inc., we hire only the best and brightest criminal defense attorneys—professionals that have proven their intimate knowledge of criminal law.

Successful criminal defense attorney – local lawyer in Pasadena, Glendale, and greater Los Angeles. Our reputation and track record stands out as among the best, most successful criminal defense lawyer teams in our area. As well, driving under the influence charges demand a proven and skilled DUI defense lawyer, one who’s extremely experienced in protecting your rights and interests. Our winning record is based on specialized legal experience over a large variety of cases in the many years we’ve been practicing criminal and DUI law.

Choosing the most skilled, hard working and strategic criminal defense attorney to represent you is a major life decision. How do you know they are responsible and responsive? Many firms advertise online or in print or TV. They’re not all going to be very good, or even good. Some will serve you poorly. When you need a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney or a DUI lawyer, and you really need the best outcome possible, the first critical choice is to select your attorney along with a top notch support team. And you have to look at this from the viewpoint of the opening process of initial meetings to pre-trial and trial, and all the way to appeals if necessary. Also, the personality and personal/charisma touch of your lawyer is vital to your case’s success. We give free consultations, so call us very soon. For driving under the influence, call us right away so your rights are protected. Our lawyers know the criminal justice system in all its complexities—and, as well, we are affordable. We have successfully tried and won many criminal defense or DUI drunk driving cases. Our team is known for innovative brilliance in crafting a winning legal strategy. We enjoy a sterling reputation in the legal community. We bring to bear for you all the expertise of our very good staff. Southern or Northern California CA area criminal defense representation—we serve you anywhere in the state. Our clients consider us the best they’ve worked with. Leading local website to go to. In Los Angeles (LA). Burbank. CA. Pasadena. Ventura. Orange County. Riverside. Glendale. CA. California.

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